~mE, mYseLf n mY LiFe~He seems to be real But I do nott feel The love that he meant And then he was banned Out of my life Out of my mind And everything I knew Was lost everywhere And I do not want to search For the reason why Cause I just want to hurt Me, myself and my Life


Love ends in pain No way away again Nightmare won’t let me sleep Memories I can’t leave Reason worth for death The only way - the best


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I’m drowning in my own despair
But you don’t care
About what I’m feeling
As you were leaving
I could say that I hate you
But I can’t do
‘Cause my love’s so big
So that I’m getting sick
Lying in my bed
Shortly before I’m dead

2.12.07 20:17

Destination of Separation

The kNife of aNgriNess
BriNgs me to aN eNd
WouNded by the blade of loNeliness
I will diE away

My heart is bReAkiNg
My life’s mistakeN

DoN’t waNt to wake up agaiN.
There’s No way away from paiN.
6.12.07 23:11


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